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Budget Book

Budget Book

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Printing Error Copies, Missing 1 Month (total of 11 months and not 12 months)

Making Budgeting Fun

We encourage you to use this budget book as a guide for your financial journey. With this book, you are able to fill out your sources of income, write out your financial goals, and keep track of your monthly expenses and bills. Each month begins with an inspirational quote to fill you with the necessary courage to pursue your budgeting goals.

Special Information

Printing Error Copies, Missing 1 Month (total of 11 months and not 12 months)


11 months, Financial Yearly Goals (2), Monthly Expenses, Monthly Bills, Monthly Additional Expenditures

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Budget Books are currently on sale due to a printing error. There are 11 months instead of 12 in these budget books (Jan - Dec; NO OCT)

October Save

No spend November is not realistic. It's the start of the holidays - Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and then Christmas quickly thereafter.

How about we make October, the month we save our money.

Get better prepared for your holiday spending with this Budget Book.

A Simple Guide to Budgeting

Budgeting...Adulting...things they don't teach you until now. This Budget Books are the perfect, simple way to start your budgeting journey.

    • Yearly Financial Goals (Short, Long Term)
    • Undated Monthly Calendar
    • Monthly Expenses Tracker
    • Monthly Bills Tracker
    • Additional space for expenses (include other banks, cards, etc.)
    • Inspirational Quotes from successful business women and men