What is Livin' Bold?

Livin' Bold is a personal journey. It's about being comfortable as one's self, finding your purpose, living your dreams and defining boldness your way. Challenge yourself to break free from your comfort zones to create and engage in new experiences.

So, let's start livin' bold one day at a time!

New Bold Journey Planner

Bold Journey Monthly Planner

The New and Improved Bold Journey Planner

Making your Dreams Reality 

Stay ahead of the game by planning on your time. To make your dream reality just do three simple things: Organize, Reflect, and Celebrate.

Check out the inside


This Budget Books are the perfect way to start off your budgeting journey. This simple guide includes:

  • Financial Goals Sheets
  • Expense Trackers
  • Bill Trackers

Printing Error Copies, Missing the October Label (Full 12 Months)

Shop the sale

Shop the sale

*Every order with a planner receives a complimentary pen and keychain.

  • Motivational Packs at Livin' Bold

    Motivational Packs

    Knowing your worth

    Motivation, Inspiration and Courage all in one place for you. Pack includes: an Enjoy Today sticker, Love Me Flower sticker, i am capable sticker and the art print of your choice.

    Motivation when you need it 
  • 50% off budget books; printing error with budget books at Livin' Bold

    50% Off Budget Books

    Printing Error Copies, Missing 1 Month (total of 11 months)

    Simplifying the budgeting experience. This undated budget book is designed to make budgeting easy and accessible for beginners.

    Budgeting Made Easier 
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Available right at your fingertips. Have your own digital notepad, daily schedule, and assignment tracker.

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